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LUMY moving

There are few things to take care of before your move but one of the most difficult and important is packing. To pack well, you need a plan and here we will give a little advice on where to start your packing journey when you moving out.

One of the first things you have to do when moving out is to plan your move. Keep in mind that you are moving to a new place and you need to plan how you will be unpacking your belongings. After you planned how to pack your items you have to start from one specific room.

There is no need to start from some specific room. If you are not packing alone, better to split the work. For example, someone takes the living room, another person starts with the kitchen.

Packing the kitchen is the most challenging task when it comes to moving. Make sure you have packing paper and cover at least with 2 papers any piece of kitchen item. Using small boxes for packing plates.

In most cases, the living room does not need much attention when packing and most items can be easily placed into small or medium size boxes. The same is for a bedroom, it doesn't require extra care packing except if you have fragile items.

Always make sure to use bubble wrap or wrapping paper to cover them.

You have to make sure everything is in zip locks and fully locked while packing the bathroom. Most of the cases when some boxes are liking it’s from the bathroom.

Remember, if you are not sure how to properly cover some fragile items, require some professional help. Almost any moving company can help you with a good packing service.