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LUMY moving

When you decide that it’s time to move out to another state, it’s time to think about moving… The first step will be to decide about the date. Next, find reliable movers. When the decision on a date and moving company is made it’s time to finally start packing!

Packing is usually a long process especially if you are not experienced in it. If you are packing the first time for a long-distance move, and you need some advice from professional movers and packers you are in the right place. But first, let’s find out the difference between local and long-distance moving.

Difference between packing for a local and long-distance move.

Even if you had experience packing for a local move you still need some tips when packing for long-distance. First and the biggest difference between packing for local move vs long-distance move is distance. A local move in most of the time can be done just in one day because the driving distance between 2 places is usually no more than 150 miles. That’s why packing doesn’t require some extra care and in most cases, you can even take some fragile items with you in the car. For Long Distance, it’s not the case. You have to pack everything with extra care to make sure it all saves during the long drive.

Another important part is the area. Driving local is always easier because experienced movers always know every “bump” on the road and make sure to use roads save for moving company’s truck. But for the long-distance move even with a planned logistics, it’s difficult to avoid such things.

Packing tips

So, how to speed up the packing process and make sure all your items are safely packed?

  1. First of all, create a packing plan. That means you have to understand what goes where at your new place.
  2. Then mark each box with the name of the room it should go to.
  3. Separate fragile items and mark the box with it
  4. Cover the bottom and the top of the box with packing paper or bubble wrap (if you use paper don’t forget to crumple it)
  5. Fragile items cover with packing paper or bubble wrap

These are a few easy ways to make sure your belongings safely packed.

Also, you have an option to hire professional movers & packers who also provide you with insurance and experience, and can guarantee you safety.