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LUMY moving

When it comes to packing your stuff it is always better to be experienced. Not a secret that bad packing for moving especially long-distance may damage your items. Hiring a professional packing crew will help you to ensure the safety of your belongings.
Before you decide about a moving company that will help you with packing you have to think about how much stuff you need to pack. It will help you to approximately understand the time it’s going to take for packing plus understand how many boxes and other equipment you need for packing.
After you have an idea of how much time it will take for you to pack and how much boxes approximately you have it is time to find a local moving provider that will help you in packing. Remember a few things to ask from moving company you call:
- Are you licensed?
- Are you insured?
- How much you charge for moving?
- How much you charge for packing?
- How many movers will be packing stuff?
- How much time it will take?
- Do you sell packing equipment?
- What is the rate of packing equipment?
Lumy Moving company provides packing solutions and sells packing equipment.
When you got answers on all of the questions you can have a clear idea of how much your packing will cost you, including materials.
Approximately to pack a full two-bedroom apartment it will take you around 5 hours for a 3 men crew which is around $700, additionally, you will have to pay around $200 for packing materials, so in total for packing a two-bedroom apartment it will cost around $900.
Remember, to get the correct moving packing estimate you have to provide an idea of how much stuff you have.